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Celebrating Classified Staff in the Medford School District

Celebrating Classified Staff in the Medford School District


Join us in celebrating Classified Educators Appreciation Week from March 4th to March 8th this year in the Medford School District! 

Classified staff members are the unsung heroes who work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure our schools run smoothly and our students thrive. From information technology to custodians, instructional aides, and office staff, each member of our classified team plays a vital role in supporting the educational journey of our students. 

We’d like to highlight six key groups that keep our schools and district running each day:


Custodial, Facilities, Grounds, and Warehouse Staff

The Custodial, Facilities, Grounds, and Warehouse staff are the backbone of our school district's smooth operation. Custodians keep our schools clean and safe, facilities teams maintain infrastructure, groundskeepers ensure outdoor areas are inviting, and warehouse staff manages essential supplies. Together, they create an environment where learning can thrive, allowing students and teachers to focus on education.


SPED (Special Education) Assistants, SLPA (Speech Language Pathologist Assistants), and LPN (Licensed Practical Nurses)

SPED assistants, SLPAs, and LPNs are vital to our success, especially in supporting students with diverse needs. Special Education Assistants provide personalized care, aiding students with disabilities in their learning and social integration. Speech-language Pathology Assistants help our students who struggle with everyday communication develop essential language skills. Licensed Practical Nurses offer medical support, ensuring a safe environment for all students. Together, they create an inclusive and nurturing educational setting where every student can thrive.


School and District Office Staff

Our Office Staff are the indispensable backbone of MSD, serving as the first point of contact for parents, students, and staff. They manage administrative tasks crucial to the smooth functioning of the school, from handling enrollment and attendance to managing schedules and facilitating communication between different groups. Office staff ensure that essential paperwork is processed efficiently, resources are allocated effectively, and school operations run seamlessly. Their dedication and expertise contribute immensely to creating an organized and supportive environment that enables teachers to focus on teaching and students to focus on learning.


Campus Monitors, Education Support Staff, and Title Support Staff

Campus Monitors maintain safety and security throughout the MSD, ensuring a conducive environment for teaching and learning. Education Support Staff provide invaluable assistance to teachers in classrooms, aiding with instructional tasks and student support. Title Support Staff play a crucial role in implementing federally funded programs aimed at improving educational outcomes for students, such as Title I initiatives. Together, these classified staff members foster an environment where every student can thrive academically and personally.


Media Technicians, Computer Technicians, Information Technology

Media Techs do so much that goes unnoticed, such as book repair, re-shelving all the books that are turned in every day, researching and ordering new books, tracking all curriculum materials for teachers, planning and hosting book fairs, doing book displays and bulletin boards that tie into the curriculum and promote reading. The IT Department at MSD is a remarkable and dedicated group of Classified Staff who operate behind the scenes, managing systems and providing invaluable support to users across the Medford School District and our community. Whether they're part of the Applications & Data Team, Infrastructure & Network Team, or the Helpdesk Services Team, these individuals embody the idea of leadership through service.


Family Liaisons and Attendance Specialists

Family Liaisons and Attendance Specialists play important roles at MSD by fostering strong connections between schools and families and ensuring regular attendance. Family Liaisons serve as bridges between schools and families, offering support, resources, and guidance to facilitate family involvement in their children's education. Attendance Specialists monitor and address attendance issues, working proactively to ensure students are present and engaged in learning. Together, they contribute to a positive school culture and student success by promoting family engagement and maintaining consistent attendance, laying a foundation for academic achievement and well-being.

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