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Home of the Black Tornado

Mascot: Black Tornado

School Colors: Black & Red

Grades: 9 - 12  

Enrollment: 1703        

Staff: 136

School Profile:
2022-23 NMHS School Profile - English  
2022-23 NMHS School Profile - Español

Student Transportation: Students who live one and a half miles or more from school are bussed to and from school. Students who live less than one and a half miles from school walk or are transported by car.

Getting to North Medford HS

North Medford High School

1900 N Keene Way Drive Medford, OR 97504 )

Visitors Policy Due to the enrollment size and student safety, student visitors are not allowed. All other visitors must check in with the main office and get a visitors pass. 

School North Medford High School, a 60-acre campus that has the atmosphere of a small college, is a four-year public high school with approximately 1700 students and 90 teaching faculty. We offer an outstanding variety of classes, many of which offer college credit. Our Tornado Future Center (TFC) provides in-depth guidance to support our students as they plan for their post-secondary steps. A key factor in this support is connecting our seniors to appropriate scholarship opportunities. During the last few years, with the support of our counseling team and the TFC staff, over 80% of our graduating seniors have applied to and been accepted by a university or college.

Our students have a significant number of choices in terms of activities and athletics. We are proud of our award-winning Fine Arts programs in Music and Drama along with the number of available Career-Technical Education (CTE) options.

Community Medford is a city with a population just over 77,000.  There are three public and two private four year high schools in the community, serving approximately 4,000 students grades 9-12. While primary industries are agriculture, and retailing, the city serves as a home base for a variety of professionals, as Medford is the largest city within the 500 miles between Eugene, Oregon and San Francisco. As a result, Medford is the center for a large number of regional medical and legal services.

Class Rank Students are ranked according to cumulative grade-point average at the end of each quarter. All grades are included and all grades are nonweighted.

College Board Scores In 2014-2015, students at North Medford High School had mean SAT Critical Reading scores of 510, Mathematics scores of 507, and Writing scores of 482, with approximately 58% of the senior class taking the test.

Grading Periods Grades are distributed four times per year, with each quarter grading period used to establish awarding of credit and class rank. Class blocks are 68 minutes in length, with each class meeting twice every three days.

Graduation Requirements The graduation requirements for Oregon schools are currently in a process of change.  For more information on graduation requirements specific to each class of students, please visit the Oregon Diploma website!

Scholarships and College Credits In 2014-15, the graduating class earned over $2.25 million in scholarship support for the post-secondary education. In addition, our students earned 4082 college credits in connection with our AP, RCC, and SOU programs.