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What is AVID? 

AVID is a program that is designed for students who desire to pursue education after high school.  In the AVID elective, students receive the academic and social support to excel in rigorous classes.  Organizational strategies, study habits, and long-term planning are a few things that students master through the course.  Additionally, students participate in study groups called tutorials where they bring questions from their other subjects. 

 Guest speakers from various professions come to talk about their background, education, and career to give students ideas of what career they might want to pursue.  Students visit college and university campuses to get an idea of what school fits their goals and if they would like to attend there. 

 Getting into college or a trade school can be daunting.  Within the AVID elective, students apply for scholarships, complete college entrance requirements, submit applications, and much more. 

For more information visit the AVID Website:  More on AVID 
Contact our AVID Coordinator at North Medford High School, Charity Malcolm, at