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Junior year offers an even wider selection of elective and core classes, testing opportunities, and involvement in leadership programs such as LINK. This is also the perfect time to drop by the Tornado Future Center as students begin to think of their post-secondary plans. 

In order to meet your student's counselor, please call the Student Center at 541-842-1191. If you know who your student's counselor is, you can contact them directly via phone or email:


Randi Howell
541-842-5218 |

Alma Medrano
541-842-1251 |    

Sarah Mortinson
541-842-5211 | 

Toni Ruiz
541-842-1220 |  

Junior  Contacts:

Pieter Voskes

Pieter Voskes
Assistant Principal (11th Grade)
(541) 842-1190

Halli Zoller
Office Assistant
(541) 842-1190