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ELD Levels & Program Description

ELD Program Details

Our English Language Learners are screened to determine the appropriate resources. Our English Language Development (ELD) program levels and descriptions are listed below: 

Level 1 -Beginning

  • Students demonstrate minimal comprehension of general meaning. These students may not be able to verbally respond, or they may produce one or two word responses and many speech errors exist. Many of these students are currently in the in the "silent" phase of language learning and can only repeat language, but are unable to produce language yet. (example: bear, brown).

Level 2 -Early Intermediate

  • Students demonstrate increased comprehension of general meaning and some specific meaning. They use routine expressions independently and respond using phrases and simple sentences. Student show basic errors in speech. (example: The bear is brown. He is eating)

Level 3 -Intermediate

  • Students demonstrate good comprehension of general meaning and increased comprehension of specific meaning. They respond in complex sentences with more detail using newly acquired vocabulary to experiment and communicate. Although they are able to communicate, they will need a lot of support with understanding high school level texts. Their writing will need a lot of editing. (example: The brown bear lived with his family in the forest).

Level 4 -Early Advanced

  • Students demonstrate consistent comprehension of general meaning and good understanding of implied meaning. They sustain conversation, respond with detail in compound and complex sentences, actively participate using appropriate vocabulary, and mostly use standard grammar. They will still need support in their academic reading and writing tasks. (example: Can bears live in the forest if they find food there?)

Active -This means that the student is actively receiving services through an ELD (English Language Development) class. 

Monitored -This refers to students who have "graduated" out of ELD services by passing the English Language Proficiency Assessment (ELPA). These students are considered monitored for four years. 

If you have questions on the screening process, please contact Kim Lockett (541-842-5230)

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