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College Bound Athlete

The College Bound Athlete

If you have the dream to play your chosen sport in college there are some important steps you need to follow starting as early as the 8th grade if you choose!

You will either need to go through the NCAA or the NAIA Eligibility Center depending on which division the college you choose to attend.  Below you will find links to both the NAIA and the NCAA Eligibility Centers

 It is vital student-athletes plan ahead and take their high school classes seriously.


Student-athletes should use the high school timeline as a way to stay on track for meeting NCAA initial-eligibility requirements.

Remember, NCAA core-course GPA starts in ninth grade!
Students should start with a free Profile Page account.   Click here for a checklist all students can use.

Three Divisions of the NCAA 

NCAA Eligibility Brochure provides a general overview of the NCAA Eligibility Center requirements.

NCAA Eligibility Center

Complete NCAA College Bound Student Athlete Guide 


The Benefits of playing in the NAIA - NAIA Website 

PLAY NAIA Eligilibity Center 

NAIA College Bound Student Athlete guide for NAIA student athletes.

Community Colleges

If you are interested in playing at the Community College level it is a great option if you are not quite ready to play at the NAIA or NCAA level.  Many athletes begin at the Community College level and transfer later.  Visit the Community College website that you are interested in and see if they offer the sport you want to participate in.  If they do, contact their coach via either email or the prospective athlete profile page on their website.  


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