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There are countless scholarship opportunities for your post-high school education and plans! For quick access to national, state, and local scholarships, check out the scholarship calendar.

Here are some of the state and local scholarships available to North Medford High School students:

  • North Medford Foundation Scholarship: This scholarship fund is specifically for Black Tornado seniors (who are full time NMHS Students on track for graduation the current school year), thanks to our generous benefactors. Applications are accepted this year from November 9th to January 5th.  The application is found on the TFC Canvas page. Stop in the Tornado Future Center if you need help. 
  • OSAC: OSAC stands for the Office of Student Access and Completion, and this scholarship program allows you to access and apply for multiple grants (the Oregon Opportunity Grant, Oregon Promise Grant, Barbers & Hairdressers grant, just to name a few). OSAC also supports graduating high school seniors, adult learners, current college students, youth who’ve been in foster care, students with disabilities, ASPIRE students and DACA students. Click HERE to access the OSAC website and take advantage of all that OSAC as to offer.
  • Oregon Promise Grant:  Students who Graduate from an Oregon High School; Have been an Oregon Resident for at least 1 year; Have a 2.0 or higher GPA; and are planning to attend any Community College in Oregon,  Students must have their FAFSA or ORSAA completed; to qualify for the Oregon Promise Grant.  We encourage all of our NMHS students to apply to the FAFSA, the Oregon Promise Grant and One Community College.  Use it as a back up plan if going to a university does not work out.  If you are not planning to go to college, your mind might change by next fall so completing these things will set you up for success if you do decide to attend a community college! Watch the video that explains the Oregon Promise Grant Application here
  • Oregon GEAR-UP: Check out this page or visit their website to access their list of state and national scholarship opportunities
  • College and University-Specific Scholarships: Each college and university has internal scholarships available to students, some based on merit, need, or department of study. While your college of attendance will notify you if you have automatically been awarded merit-based scholarships, it’s important to apply for the more competitive awards. Check out the scholarship opportunities at these Oregon public universities:

Check out some of these resources for more information on scholarships and financial aid opportunities:

CollegeBoard Big Future

Oregon Gear- UP

Get Schooled  Offers scholarships and help with applications

Scholarships 360  







Nathan Chin
Tornado Future Center Coordinator

Jeri Childress
TFC Office Assistant
Scholarship & ASPIRE Coordinator