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DECA State Career Development Conference was held on February 21-23.  

Kayla Cruz

                     *Champion Retail Merchandising (out of 114 students)   
                     * Runner-up Apparel and Accessories

Spencer Gullickson

                     *Finalist in Retail Merchandising
                     *Finalist in Marketing Management

 Andrew Mullenix & Nick White

                     *Top 10 finish in Travel and Tourism Team Event

 Parker Neuenschwander

                    * Finalist in Sports and Entertainment Marketing  

Max Rumble:    

                   * Runner-up Sports and Entertainment Marketing
                   *5th Place Quick Serve Restaurant  

Jovanna Salvador:

                    *Finalist in Automotive Services
                    *Finalist in Sports and Entertainment Marketing  

Three of the top eight Sports and Entertainment Marketing finalists were from North Medford High School. 
DECA district meet was held on Wednesday, February 3. Students tested and participated in role plays in Apparel and Accessories, Restaurant Full Service Management, Marketing Management, Business management, Hospitality and Tourism, Quick Service Restaurant Management and Automotive Services Management.   

Dhruv Aneja:

                • 3rd in testing for Marketing Management (MM) >

Phillip Cary:

                • 1st for role play in Marketing Management (MM)
                • 3rd overall (MM)

Kayla Cruz:

                 • 1st in testing for Apparel & Accessories (AAM)
                 • 1st in role play (AAM)• 1st overall (AAM)
                 • Tied for 2nd in testing for Business Management

Leslie Enciso: 

                 • 3rd place testing Business Management 

Max Rumble:

                  • Tied for 1st in testing for Restaurant Food Service Management (RFSM)
                  • 3rd place for role play (RFSM)• 2nd place overall (RFSM)
                  • Tied for 1st in testing for Quick Serve Restaurant  (QS)
                  • 3rd place role play (QS)• 2nd place overall (QS)

Jovanna Salvador:

                  • 2nd in testing for Automotive 
                  • 2nd in role play (auto)
                  • 2nd overall (auto)
                  • 2nd role play for Apparel & Accessories (AAM)

Meetings held twice per month in H-1. 
Contact Aaron Rayburn for more information.