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Graduate Distinctions

The Medford Honors Diploma is available to those students who are seeking to challenge themselves academically.  This program will prepare students for their post-secondary education by providing rigorous coursework along with the opportunity to earn college credit.  Requirements must be met by the end of 3rd quarter of the graduation year. 

To earn an Honors Diploma, a student must earn a cumulative grade point average of 3.50 or higher, and earn nine or more credits in courses identified as Advanced Placement, Honors, or other courses where evidence of academic rigor exists.  The student must also meet the district guidelines for graduation, including the required 24 credits.

Students with a 3.75-4.0 GPA will wear a Gold Tassel and earn the Presidential Academic Excellence Gold Award. Students with a 3.5 -3.74 GPA will wear a Silver Tassel and earn the Presidential Academic Excellence Silver Award.  

All Graduation Awards and Distinctions for Graduating Seniors of North Medford High School

Other Distinctions: 


The Valedictorian(s) will be determined on the basis of the highest cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) while maintaining full-time student status. Within that group, one Gold Medalist and one Silver Medalist will be determined based on GPA and the number of Honors and AP credits (as defined in the Course Guide) earned to achieve that GPA. The student who achieve the highest GPA and the most credits in Honors and AP courses will be the Gold Medalist. the student with the second most credits in Honors and AP courses will be the Silver Medalist. In the event of a tie for the number of Honors and AP credits, standardized test scores may be used. Students should check with their counselor each year to maintain eligibility. 

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